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Forex Trendy Review

Re: is this the legit?

First Forex:

The development of modern communications and home access to the internet has seen the birth of and rise of the independent trader. No longer are the trading markets the sole domain of institutional professionals who trade on behalf of corporations and wealthy individuals.

Yes, they still make up the bulk volume of commodity and currency trading on a daily basis but there are now millions of smaller home based traders getting in on the act. Having your own trading account and access to a platform is no longer the privilege of the few.

forex trendy review
Foreign Exchange trading or Forex is specifically the buying and selling of currencies. Each currency has its own inherent value and that value is measured against each of the other tradable currencies on a global basis. The currency markets are very dynamic and constantly shifting, this is real time trading twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Naturally there are disparities created between different currencies at an one time and traders are seeking to make a profit by predicting the future movement in relative value of one currency against another.

They do this by analysing both the long term and the very recent history of movements in price and make a prediction of that value at a certain point in time in the future. A prediction, in this case, is as educated a guess as can be made. So the more information that is taken into account when making that prediction the less chance there is of the outcome being unfavourable through the currency values not behaving in the patterns that were expected.
The analysis that is carried out looks for patterns and trends. These are shapes and slants of timeline values that reappear and disappear in such a way that a confident and experienced trader can make a solid prediction about the future relative value of two currencies. Such analysis is truly more of an art that a science because of its potential inexactitude as there is always the probability, no matter how small, that the expected trend does not occur resulting in a loss.

forex trendy review
Banks, trading houses and hedge funds will all use very sophisticated software systems based on their collected data and knowledge of the behaviour patterns of currencies in order to minimise the risk of losses occurring. This type of software is also available to home based independent traders. The sensible approach to day trading on the currency markets is to employ as much help as is available in order to manage the risk of unexpected currency fluctuations. Forex trading is not a science so the element of the skill and craft of the trader will always play a part.

Review of the Programmes

There are many types of programmes available to assist trading but caution is advised when searching for and selecting a product to try out. There are scams, spywares, malwares and viruses that will empty trading accounts. There are also, however some useful tools that will help the decision making process of the trader.
One such programme that has recently been making waves in the Forex arena is called “Forex Trendy”. This is a packaged tool that is not a download. It is a cloud-based forum that gives access to screens of information on current and historic pricing of 34 separate currencies and their relative values.


It is dynamic and current and backed by powerful computers so is able to react almost in real time. It is user friendly and offers chart analysis, real time charts, both audible and email alerts, nine time frames and will highlight trends. Unusually the trending analysis does not come from indicative indices but from the market action so is, in a sense, closer to the action.
With 34 currencies available for comparative analysis with nine separate time frames ranging from one minute to one month there are 306 chart screens that can be seen for real time pricing at any one time and the system will pick the best trading pair for that particular point in time and selected time frame. It selects trends and patterns picked out on each screen. Specific types of patterns that traders like to see such as trend lines, wedges, flags and triangles are all picked up on the screens.

It will pick up these trends over the time frames and make instant comparative analysis and show the emerging patterns. It is very versatile so a trader can select and which options that are to be monitored.
Infallible pattern spotting is what every trader seeks. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist but Forex Trendy is a good step in the right direction. Its algorithmic approach of calculating trend lines from market activity rather than from any outside index gives the tool an interesting and individual slant.

forex trendy

There are no claims made that this is the ultimate money making machine because it isn’t, that is always ultimately down to the discipline and timing of the traders actions but the information that is available in terms of trending and the likely outcome of emerging patterns based on known historical trends is extremely useful to both the beginner and the the more expert market participant.
Forex Trading is priced at a very affordable level. At $37 per quarter with a 60 day money back guarantee it is well worth a try for the day trader. It is user friendly, offers unique insights and has a great deal of cloud based computing power behind it so installation and domestic memory size are not an issue as far as the software is concerned.

forex trendy review

Although if you are day trading the better the internet access the easier it will be to make those killing trades.
There will always be uncertainty in trading markets but the more that is learned about their behaviour and the more easily that trends and patterns can be spotted the slightly less complicated the deal becomes. Tools such as Forex Trendy can only assist in the continued growth of the domestic market player. It is a well-priced, user friendly and fast becoming essential piece of trading equipment.overall-ratings forex trendy


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Forex Trendy – A simple but powerful software program!

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It is easy to set and use for both novice and experienced traders.
All you have to do is to fill in the blanks with required information, and that’s all!
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How does Forex Trendy Run?
Forex software will run on any computer that runs Metatrader 4 (MT4). It runs inside of MT4 as Expert Advisors, Indicators, and Scripts.
The software is very easy to install. Download and run a single file, then tell it where your MT4 is installed, and it does all the rest.
This is not an automated trading robot. You use your strategy to decide when to enter and exit the market. The software basically takes care of everything else from that point on.